JED helps businesses find and unlock financial value from supply chains in order to optimize trade and cashflow for the business.

Smart Technology

JED optimizes win-win outcomes between suppliers and buyers. Our technology organizes large amounts of trade data efficiently, and allows setting of terms and counter-offers that make most sense between trade partners.

JED can be implemented as a SaaS cloud solution, customized or integrated with various accounting and ERP softwares. Easy-to-read, downloadable reports are also available for management and reconciliation purposes.


Where a supplier has outstanding receivables on open account credit terms, he can advance cashflow by offering discounts to these buyers to make early payment. Multiply these receivables by the total number of trade buyers, the potential to successfully advance a required amount of cash in this manner increases significantly. This works well especially for wholesale trades that sell to a large network of downline distributors, resellers and end buyers.

Buyers who have excess cash positions at certain times of the month, often earn negligible returns on their available cash. With JED, buyers can earn better returns on this cash by offering to pay their suppliers earlier, in return for a target discount yield. Win-win outcomes are achieved: a lead buyer earns higher margins on trade discounts earned; while smaller suppliers can now be supported with an early payment option received from their larger buyers.

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