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Who are we?

JED is a digital trade marketplace platform for trade and working capital
to flow more efficiently for businesses.

Our mission

To create an inclusive trade and finance ecosystem that benefits
ALL enterprises – big and small..

What are we solving?

Suppliers often have to wait several months before receiving payment on their invoices and may experience tight cashflow

To ease cashflow, suppliers turn to financing but face considerations on borrowing rates, credit availability and documentation processes.

On the other hand, buyers who are sitting on excess cash often earn negligible returns on this cash

How does JED work?

I am a Supplier

With JED, suppliers can now unlock cash in the supply chain by offering early payment discount

I am a Buyer

With JED, buyers can earn better returns on cash by offering to pay early in exchange for a discount

Why companies love JED?

JED helps you monetize your invoices leveraged on your existing trade relationships. There is no need to reinvent your trade processes as JED simply makes it easier for you to advance early payment from your buyers and initiate early payment to your suppliers for a discount. If required, JED also expands working capital options for you via our partner lenders.

JED’s proprietary solution optimizes win-win outcomes between suppliers and buyers, thus enhancing trade relationships. Our smart technology can efficiently organize large amounts of trade data and variations, which allows setting of terms and counter-offers that make most sense for you and your trade partners.

Interactive messaging tools and trade partner analytics also makes this an interesting platform for suppliers and buyers to connect and increase interactions with one another.

No complicated system integration is required – you and your trade partners can continue with your existing invoicing and payment processes. In addition, easy-to-read downloadable reports are also available for management and reconciliation purposes.

If required, JED can also be customized and integrated with various accounting and ERP softwares for your business requirements.

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We love collaborations and work with only the best partners in the industry.
In return, we also strive to be the best partner to you.

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