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JED is a digital marketplace platform that aims to make trade and working capital flow more efficiently for businesses. Our mission is to create an inclusive trade and finance ecosystem that benefits all enterprises – big and small.

Via JED, you as a Supplier can raise working capital efficiently and on demand by advancing cashflow from your selected portfolio of buyers, by offering early payment discount. This improves your cash flow, reduce Days Sales Outstanding and potentially enhance your overall working capital cycle.

As a Buyer, you can earn better yield on your available cash by offering early payment to your selected portfolio of suppliers in exchange for a discount. Savings earned on your purchases mean higher profit margins for your business.

Your trade partners are not required to onboard with JED to participate in your campaigns. Nonetheless, we encourage them to onboard as JED users to enjoy the full benefits of the system.

Implementation is easy! Simply register via our website ( JED is secure, hassle-free and easy to use. No complicated system integration is required and companies can continue with their existing invoice and payment processes.

Built on smart technology, GoJED is an efficient and effective way for a:

  1. Supplier to raise a campaign to a large network of buyers to seek early payment on its invoices in return for a discount to these buyers; and/or
  2. Buyer to raise a campaign to a large network of suppliers to offer early payment in return for a discount yield on these invoices

JED partners with FIs and lenders to expand working capital options for our companies.  Partner lenders are carefully selected by JED and covers various types of loans and facilities including: invoice financing, working capital term loan, supplier financing, etc.

JED is not an e-Invoicing platform. Nonetheless, integration with your accounting or ERP software can be arranged, if required.

Yes, JED’s API can be made available if required and with our assistance in your integration process.

Our price plans and fees are designed according to your business requirements. Contact us at for a no obligation discussion.

For assistance, you can reach us at and we will reply to your enquiries within 1 business day.