Embracing Innovations in SMEs

How can innovations help SMEs boost growth? With the country’s initiative to become a digital economy, SMEs must strive to transform their businesses through innovation to grab business opportunities. “Fintech’’, “Blockchain’’ and “Cryptocurrency’’ have become the buzzwords when we speak about innovation these days. Many have also believed that we are transiting into the 4th [...]

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A simple view: Can a trade finance process be simplified with technology?

Since the 2008 financial crisis, trade finance has witnessed periods of stress and coupled with the fact that all parties of the trade and finance chain have been facing risks involved with “trust”, clients of these services are also suffering from costly and longer processing time to finance transactions based on manual handling of paper-based [...]

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Trade Finance – a tool for inclusion but disparate for most?

Trade Finance – the fuel for trade flows and engine for businesses Trade Finance is the process of financing certain activities involving commerce and international trade, covering both domestic and international trade transactions. It is provided via various instruments such as documentary credits, D/A and D/P, forfaiting, export factoring, invoice financing, supply chain financing, etc. [...]

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The Next Engine of Growth For Our Little Red Dot : Challenges and Opportunities for Singapore Companies

Better days ahead? As of February 2017, Singapore’s total trade had experienced an increase by 14.6% over the year despite the uncertain economic conditions looming around the world. Based on the monthly trade report from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, we also witnessed a positive growth for the first time since early 2014. This improvement [...]

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