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We are a leading technology company

that builds trade and supply chain solutions powered by blockchain technology


Blockchain for Trade and Supply Chains

Building technologies that serve sustainability and financial inclusion objectives

B2B Enterprise Trade Solution

Helping businesses unlock financial value from their trade supply chains



We are a strong team with both technological and trade domain expertise. With over 20 years of deep tech work in cryptography, PKI and security, we are adept in building strong, secure and scalable solutions that solve real-world trade and supply chain problems.

Blockchain holds the key to democratizing power and creating paradigm shifts in how the world will operate.

Daphne Ng

Secretary General, ACCESS
Exco, Singapore Fintech Association

Ze Chong Tan

Executive Director

Daniel Ling

Head, Technology

Eric Wong

Head, Product Enigeering

Lance Low

Head, Trade and Supply Chain

Kevin Widjaja

Director, Indonesia
PT. Jupiter Teknologi Indonesia

Annie Koh

David Lee

Hock Lai Chia

Peter Woon




Fintech can be exciting, but purposeful fintech that impacts livelihoods elevates the meaning of success

The purpose and bigger picture of FinTech. View resource here or here.

Emergence of FinTech and the LASIC principles

EY Global Financial Services Institute (2015) Emergence of FinTech and the LASIC principles. Download resource here.

The Advent of Blockchain & New Technologies

A need to tackle financial challenges and the importance of building trust. Download resource here.

A simple view: Can a trade finance process be simplified with technology?

Since the 2008 financial crisis, trade finance has witnessed periods of stress and coupled with the fact that all parties of the trade and finance chain have been facing risks involved with “trust”, clients of these services are also suffering from costly and longer processing time to finance transactions based on manual handling of paper-based […]

Trade Finance – a tool for inclusion but disparate for most?

Trade Finance – the fuel for trade flows and engine for businesses Trade Finance is the process of financing certain activities involving commerce and international trade, covering both domestic and international trade transactions. It is provided via various instruments such as documentary credits, D/A and D/P, forfaiting, export factoring, invoice financing, supply chain financing, etc. […]

The Next Engine of Growth For Our Little Red Dot : Challenges and Opportunities for Singapore Companies

Better days ahead? As of February 2017, Singapore’s total trade had experienced an increase by 14.6% over the year despite the uncertain economic conditions looming around the world. Based on the monthly trade report from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, we also witnessed a positive growth for the first time since early 2014. This improvement was […]

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